Friday, August 3, 2012

Providing 'Real' Arts Journals for Budding Artists

I've had lots of sketchbooks over the years. At the moment they are piling up at an exponential rate. I love to look back on my old books. Not the 'a couple of years ago, cringe at my obvious lack of drawing practice' books but the really old 'when I was a different person' ones. I started my first visual art diary when I was in high school but often wonder what my books would look like if I started a lot sooner. What would it be like to start art journaling as a three-year-old? 

Several weeks ago Miss 3 and I wandered into an art supply shop. We browsed the shelves, admiring the materials, when we came across an art diary similar to my large sketchbook only much smaller. Miss 3's eyes lit up at the sight of a 'real' and 'grown up' art journal that was her size! We also grabbed a watercolour palette, which I can't believe we hadn't tried at home before as it's so easy and clean to use. She can grab these out for herself to use any time.

Miss 3 hasn't trashed this book the way she has with children's paper pads. She handles it with genuine care. She knows the pages aren't to be wasted and is careful to fill each one. She has my example to follow I suppose. We sat in a doctors waiting room this morning each with our own sketchbook drawing people and door knobs. I wonder if she'll look back on this book in years to come and draw inspiration from it or just remember?


  1. what an awesome idea :)

  2. I started my son with a journal when he was 3 and he is now 5. It's so amazing to see the growth from scribbles and color play to the addition of words and stories. A treasure!


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