Sunday, October 2, 2011

Duster Name Painting

Some time ago, we were in a bargain shop when Priya picked up a duster from the cleaning isle and proceeded to 'paint' the shop with it. Onlookers were entertained by her imaginative play and I was inspired to experiment.

Sadly, the duster was forgotten until last week on a rainy and miserable day. We sat together while I cut out the letters of her name and talked about them. We used blue tack to hold the letters in place and create a kind of stencil or resist for the paint.

I painted a thin layer of paint onto a tray and showed Priya how to brush the paint with the duster and gently 'dust' the paint onto the paper. This part of the activity was very tactile and everything within reach got painted including her face!

As always, her hands made it into the paint as well. Lastly, we removed the cardboard together.  The end result was great and went straight to the fridge.


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